Harmony Hub and Elite psu issues


Has anyone had a problem with their Harmony Hub and Elite charger PSUs falling apart?

My remote started playing up and when I investigated, on trying to pull out the Hub PSU from its gang socket, it came cleanly apart, leaving the prongs in the gang socket with completely exposed live and neutral contacts.

The UK adapter section that clips into the Logitech PSU main body has two halves that appear to have come unwelded. When putting them back together, it is evident that the UK adapter internal mains contacts give quite a lot of spring loading between its two sections once snapped into the PSU main body. Only the glue/plastic weld holds them together; there's not even a retaining grub screw.

I have contacted Logitech and in the meantime, ordered two new PSUs - the second to replace the identical charging station PSU. This turned out to be remarkably prescient. The charging station one appeared fine but I replaced it anyway; pulled it out of the gang socket and left it in a box with the other one.

A few minutes later there was a click sound from the box and I found that the charging station PSU had sprung apart as well!

The sockets are not under heat stress - the gang is under a raised cupboard a metre to one side of a radiator. I thought at first that it was at least possible that one had a clout from a vacuum cleaner but the second was protected between two much larger units and I couldn't see any way of striking it.

The picture shows the main PSU bodies with part of the UK adaptor section still in place. It's easily removed by a sliding switch on the PSU body.

Hopefully, I will hear from Logitech next week but I'd be interested to know if I'm not alone with this issue.



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How old is your unit? I have ordered one today, will be giving it a good once over before using it tomorrow!


Just over a year, direct from Amazon (and not a reseller)

I've had an acknowledgement from Logitech that my message has been forwarded to the "concerned team" but have heard nothing more yet.

I'm not upset about warranty or paying for two new psus - life's too short to waste time about this kind of thing - but I am concerned about the public safety issues. If Logitech don't pull their finger out, I'll have to bring it up with my former colleagues in Trading Standards.

[edit] In tiny print on the side, the units have a Logitech logo then:

Made in Cambodia

Logitech P/N 534-000693

Model KSAS0050510100D5D
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