Harmony firmware upgrade problem


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Hi I have a logitech Harmony 1100 have its just upgraded to the latest firmware but that's all i have got cant get any of my screens or activates screens all have got is The Firmware upgrade Successful please update your remote with the remote control software but nothing happens there it goes to 3% and that's it nothing happens tried removing the battery makes no difference still get the screen with the message firmware successful can anybody help please


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I am getting the same problem with updating my One. I believe it must be due to a lot of traffic and Logitech's systems not being able to cope with it all.


Im glad i came on here i was wondering what was happening im having same problem stuck at 3% i did have the same message about traffic on the site. didnt realise you logged in to a central area. Thought it was software just on individuals pc.
Guna try later


No, there's no data on the user's computer.
The whole point is that it's all done centrally, on Logitech's database, and when connection to that is slow problems like these arise - though I don't get that point about "latest firmware" as it never gets changed.
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