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Hi there,

I am thinking of purchasing a Harmony elite remote, to control our home cinema system and have some Qs that hopefully someone can help with.

Effectively we have 2 TV rooms.

Room 1 : Sony Receiver, LG TV, Sky Q, Firestick, Sony Blu Ray player, Xbox one
Room 2 : Samsung TV, Sonos Beam, Sky Q mini, Firestick.

Is it possible to set the Elite up to control both rooms, even if the 2nd room is only being controlled by an iPhone App?

Also, there used to be some issues with getting the most up to date harmony software on a Mac, is this still the case, as its only a MacBook I have,is it possible to set the Harmony up without use of a computer?

I have Harmony Desktop 1.0.271 currently installed on the MacBook for controlling my old Harmony one. Not sure if this is the software I will need to set up a Harmony Elite or not.

Screen shot of software attached


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Seb Briggs

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Is your plan to have the hub in one room , use the physical remote in another ?

in my recent experience unfortunately windows is more reliable than Mac for harmony


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I was hoping there would be a way of using the remote across 2 rooms, but obviously that would be tricky with the infrared signals being transmitted, although it appears there's a way of having the remote send out an infra red signal rather than a RF one to the hub.

As long as it works in the big room, the smaller room can stay as it is.

Having now set it up in room 1, its pretty impressive, and the iPhone app to do it all was quite simple to use

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