Harmony Elite problems


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Hi Everyone,

I have a Harmony remote and while I love it when it works I am having one major issue.

Here is my full complete set up of devices that I am using with the remote:

LG S9NYG Soundbar using ARC
Knivo 501bn HDMI switch
Xbox series X
Apple TV 4 non 4K

The problem: Whenever I use my watch TV activity, my Apple TV turns on. I have disabled CEC on all my devices except for the tv because it needs it for the sound bar. I have tried all kinds of delays, power and input settings. For the life of me, I cannot figure this out. I have no idea what else to do. Can anybody suggest anything? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Hi and welcome to the forum.
Which Harmony have you and does the problem still appear if the Apple is covered so that it can’t see the Harmony?


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The same thing happens on my system (Harmony 700, Apple TV and a bunch of other devices: CEC off on the Apple TV but on on the TV itself). I suspect it's an issue with the Apple TV, but I just ignore it now, as it doesn't cause me any issues and it turns off after a few minutes.




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I have been using Harmony on my old(ish) iPad Mini since 2016 with no issues. Some time recently the app updated to v5.7.8 and was still working fine, but yesterday the iPad updated to iOS 12.5.2 (the latest supported version) and now the Harmony app won't load; it attemps to start and then crashes. I removed and reinstalled the app but no difference.

Has anybody else seen this happen? Any suggections (apart from buy a new iPad) I could restore the iPad to factory settings but what are the chances of that making any difference to what looks like an app/iOS conflict.

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You might need to buy an HDMI adapter with the CEC pin disabled. I have to use one on my Zidoo because it won’t turn off on that even with it disabled and it just messes every input up.

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