Harmony Elite Issues


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Hi All,

Getting increasingly fed up with my harmony remote, any ideas...?

Most of the time I pick it up to use it it syncs, yet nothing has changed config wise, do I have to wait needlessly.

The mobile app is always losing connection.

Some activities or commands take forever to do anything, whether from the remote or mobile. I.e. watch TV can be fine one day, the next it will be really slow starting and turning things on.

Oh how I wish there were sensibly priced alternatives!


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I feel exactly the same about my Elite... the remote took a little trip across the living room not that long ago after a particularly frustrating performance (although my instinct for preservation made me aim it into the sofa/cushions...)

+ for me, over Christmas the lag has somehow become notably worse, and now at times inputs simply don't register any response even allowing for lag, requiring multiple presses on occassion (all pre flight).
Nothing on the setup side has been altered, no obstacles to the IR tx/rx have been introduced, but it's getting worse performance wise...


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Glad it’s not just me! Although I did move the hub recently which seems to have brought things back to normal (just about)

Have you tried a factory reset the remote to force a full resync?


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This morning it seemed to be completely un-responsive. I spent some time looking at my network setup and reconfigured some of the UniFi APs which may have caused some issues.

We'll see how things go but I suspect it will continue to sync every time I touch it. Its done it for a while and I've seen others report it before on the Logitech forums. At the time I did a full fat reset and it didn't make much difference.

I fear that these are issues Logitech won't bother fixing.


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My Elite's screen broke before xmas and I was looking to replace it with another but stock had disappeared. I came very close to going down the Control4 route to be able to use the Neeo remote.

In the end I ended up going for a Harmony Companion Remote and its a much better solution for my use. I was always accidentally hitting the touchscreen on the Elite which was frustrating and it was losing charge quickly. the Harmony companion has the activities I used previously and is thinner and doesn't need constant charging (has a 'coin' battery).

TBH, its worked out pretty well, much happier with the companion remote than the Elite

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