Question Harmony Elite IP and IR issues with Sony Smart TV


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Been using a Harmony Elite & hub for sometime now (long time Harmony user, 3 previous generations), but just replaced 12 year old LCD Sony TV with new Sony OLED Smart TV. Only the TV is in my lounge, all other hardware in a cupboard in another room, and all has been fine. Old TV was controlled by IR, everything else by the hub in the cupboard.

When I set up the new TV it needed to be seen over wifi (no IR option), all was good until I plugged wired network into the TV, then had no TV control. Had to delete the TV from Harmony app and deregister remote from TV, then reinstall all over again.

Lots of internet research brought up similar issues and workarounds. Although I now have a set up that works just fine with the TV connected by wifi, ultimately, I want a wired connection to improve streaming TV.

So, how can I change the remote set up to control the TV via IR only?

Many thanks.
Andy P.

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