Harmony Elite and LightwaveRF?


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Another long shot but is Harmony Elite capable of controlling LightwaveRF lights, switches, relays etc?

At the moment I control the LWRF gear either via the app on my iPhone or via Alexa when she feels like it! :)

I know it can control Philips Hue but that is a much more popular system I would think but works on a similar principle with a networked hub doing the clever stuff much like LWRF.

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Hi Glyn.
Ask Logitech - they'll know.


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It's not an answer to your question unfortunately, but have you tried using the Alexa routines to help with the lightwave integration. They allow for shorter and more intuitive commands than by using the skill directly.

For example, I have a routine called Bed Time (this works better more often with Alexa than the correct way of spelling), which will turn off the TV using the harmony, and then trigger lightwave to turn on the landing and bedroom lights, and turn off the lounge lights.

The routines, help a lot with the moods also, as you don't have to remember a long string of words which can also tend to be counter intuitive.

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