Harmony Elite and LG OLED55E6V


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I have a Harmony Elite arriving tomorrow to replace a boatload of remotes (8) cluttering up my coffee table and was wondering whether there might be a discrete code to select certain functions on my LG TV that even the factory remote doesn't seem to have?

Tall order/long shot I know but the way the LG Magic Remote works to select different inputs is to hit a menu key and then wave the remote around to chase a red symbol around the screen, hover over the input you want such as TV, Sky, BD, Pioneer AVR etc.

It would be ideal if I could setup a macro or something where I could hit a TV button for example and have the TV turned on & switched to TV if when it was shut off last time the input was set to BD etc.

Not sure whether this is possible or not?

Maybe I should look in the box as I think it came with an all button remote so maybe there is a direct input selection button on the smaller device?

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The system will include these commands.
You tell the setup procedure for each Activity what inputs it needs to be on and it's done automatically.


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I presume you have this sorted now Glyn. You can also trigger smart tv, and then use right button commands to select Amazon or Netflix, and so you can create activities for these if you use them.

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