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Hi Guys
Looking for a bit of help just bought a harmony elite but I’m having problems with voice control via Alexa. I have favourites set up and icons on the remote. Alexa will begin activities ok and will change channel if I say the number of the channel I want, but if I ask for a specific channel say Sky News she tells me I have no channel called Sky News in my favourites this is the same with all channels I have set up in my favourites.
Any help would be appreciated


Better of trying the Smarthome forum and add your thread their perhaps?


If you look at Alexa>smart home>scenes you must have an entry for "Sky News". If not the easiest way is to delete the harmony skill from Alexa and delete all the associated scenes. Then re-add the Harmony skill which should take you to a couple of other screens allowing you to verify all the favourites. This will also allow you to also add new phrases/names etc.

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