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Harmony And Sony Bravia KDF-E50A12U


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Hi All

I am using a Harmony 785 with multiple devices including a KDF-E50A12U and I have the Harmony controlling everything correctly except power on/off for the TV.

I have 2 issues:

(1) Sometimes the TV doesn't power on or off when activities are started / stopped. This happens about half the time for turning the TV on and about a quarter of the time for turnining the TV off.

(2) The TV never goes to the correct input when first turned on rather it remains on the default analogue (I think) channel. I only use the HDMI input so I have skipped all other inputs using the TV setup menu but I cannot remove the default and the TV always starts in this mode. I have added "Input Next" and "Input 6" commands into the various activities using the TV but this doesn't have an impact even when the TV turns on correctly at the start up of an activity. This may be related to the inordinate amount of time the TV takes to switch on; I've tried messing with timings and delays with no joy so far.

I have worked around the issue by adding a "TV on" button and an "Input 6" button to every activity which uses the TV but I would love to know if anybody else has the same TV and has seen or resolved similar issues. I have read that I would be better off using discrete power on/off commands than power toggle (as I currently use) but I don't know whether these commands exist on the KDF-E50A12U.

Thanks in advance, any help greatly appreciated.



Your TV defaults in the Harmony database to separate commands for Power-On and Power-Off, and to separate commands for the inputs.
The first are shown clearly in the dropdown list of commands at Devices> TV< Settings> Adjust Power so you can restore the default to each function.
As you always use the same input for the TV you do not need the Harmony to send any Input command so go to Devices> TV> Adjust Inputs> Method 2 edit the list of Input Names to one entry and on the next page assign to that Name the Command "none".
For the long time that the TV requires from receiving its Power-On command to being able to accept and act upon another command go to Devices> TV> Settings> Adjust Delays and assign the correct value to the Power-On Delay.
HTH - Logiciel


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Thanks for the reply but I have tried the power on and power off from the drop-down but neither has any effect. I have also tried many varieties of delay timings and haven't managed to get it working.

I guess I'll have another play.


I would report those commands that don't work to Logitech support so that they can correct them for you.

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