Harmony 900 strange RF behaviour


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Had my Harmony 900's for years and they've always worked really well with Sky Q.

My Sky Q box lives downstairs and feeds multiple TV's across the house.

One of the TV's is located in a loft room and to control the Sky Q box from there, on the 900 I have the Sky box assigned to the RF blaster which sits in a cupboard in the loft, and blasts the IR signal straight at a networked Keene IR anywhere module, which in turn blasts the signal to the front of the Sky box downstairs. This has always worked perfectly.

This week, I have switched from Sky to a Virgin, to their V360 box. The supplied remote for the Virgin box is bluetooth, but through reading other threads, I have been able to program V360 box onto the Harmony 900 to a Ziggo Mediabox Next and it successfully communicates with the Virgin box when I'm in front of it, using IR.

If I go up to the loft room, and open the cupboard with the RF Blaster and Keene IR module in, using the 900 sending IR signals works perfectly with the V360 box.

The problem I have is that when I assign the Virgin box on the 900 to be controlled via the RF blaster, I get no response from the Virgin box, so it's impossible to change channel etc. If I open the cupboard, I can see the Keene module is picking up something from the blaster (the lights flash), but it's having no effect.

I'm at a loss with what to do now. As I don't have an original IR remote for the Virgin box, I can't learn commands. But it's strange they work perfectly when sent from the 900 as IR, but not when sent from the 900 via the RF blaster.

I have removed and re-added the blaster several times, swapped for another blaster and also added one of the blaster eyes thinking that might help, but all to no avail.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Or have any other suggestions I could try?


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A shame no one else has come across this issue when controlling Virgin V360 boxes via a Harmony RF blaster (from a 900).

Just to add to my above post, I've now coded my Harmony Elite to work with the V360 box on our main lounge TV, and all is working properly, even controlling the Virgin box via the Elite's Harmony hub, which similarly blasts a Keene networked IR module to get commands to the centrally located V360.

So it's only the older Harmony 900's and their RF blaster devices that are still giving me an issue for controlling the Virgin box from other rooms.

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