Harmony 895 & Varilight


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Hi guys, got a problem with my varilight :(

i an get it into the learning stage, get it to recognise the button i press on the remote, but when i try and do the final confirmation nothing happens so i cant use the remote :(

those who have varilights will know what i mean about the stages (full dim cycle up/down).

anyone had similar problems and know a fix?

i did try a different remote to no avail :rolleyes:

thanks, neil


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I don't know if I have the same dimmer as you but with mine, I have an old remote (from a Hi-Fi system) and used that to set the dimmer up. I then taught the Harmony (and the Pronto before that) the command from the remote.

There are dimmer devices in the Harmony database as well but I think you still have to teach it a code. When I was setting mine up, I took it out of its mounting to check the name and model of the manufacturer (Doyle And Tratt PAT9910972.0 Light Controller) and found it in the database.

It only does On/Off (quick touch) or ramp up/down (hold-touch) - with the code that I set. I cannot set it at a particular level.

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