Harmony 895 problem with Rako RAVIR


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Hope someone can help...

I set up the living room with 4 lighting circuits and a RAKO wallplate. It works a treat.

I've now tried to add a RAVIR to control via my 895 and it just isn't playing ball. I don't have the Rako software, so am just trying to program it via the wall panel and the magnet.

I put the panel into programming mode. I hold the magnet next to the Ravir for 3 secs until it flashes. I step up through the lighting chanels using button 1 on the wallplate. My lights flash on chanels 1 thru 4. I then get to what must be channel 5. I press button 3 to ident the RAVIR. It seems to flash then go static. I then press button 4 to store and then I press exit. I think the RAVIR is addressed properly, as when I turn the lights on or off the blue led flashes. No way I can really tell without the software.

My 895 has been told it has to control a RAVIR. The commands look sensible. It does absolutely nothing as far as adjusting the lights goes.

Any ideas folks?




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Hi mate i have been struggling a bit with an 895 and RAVIR IR myelf the commands in harmony database seem to be wrong from what i can tell do you need 4 room or 1 room set up? how many roooms do you want harmony to control? best bet is ring logitech tech support after 3pm and speak to canadian support or email them the HEx code available from rako site here http://www.rakocontrols.com/downloads/ravirinstructionmanual.pdf I did think about trying setting up a VCR but decided the easy option is to use the really old pronto i have to teach the harmony the commands hope this can help


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Hi Hornydragon,

Would have replied sooner but have been away.

The commands in the database were indeed wrong. A two hour phonecall to Canada (thankfully via the freephone number) sorted it out. I must say the Harmony support is very good indeed.

Thanks for the advice


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