Harmony 895 Pro. Z-Wave = Beamax screen?


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I'm looking at the literature for the new Harmony 895 Pro (anyone got any yet?) and it appears the built in RF control is more than just an IR extender..
It looks like it's actually able send specific RF signals to other devices that use the 'Z-wave' format.

That makes me want one so I can control my Beamax screen.
My Beamax screen uses a Somfy motor and I have an RF controller for it, but I've no idea if it uses 'Z-waves'.

I already have an 885, but (like all other universal controllers) it is annoying that it can't control the screen.

The 895 Pro would be the THE remote control for me if it works.
So, does anyone know:

1) are Beamax screens controlled by Z-Waves?
2) where can you get a Harmony 895 Pro from?


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With reference to question 2.



both currently sell and carry stock of the Harmony 885. So perhaps they will get the 895 into stock when it is released (dabs.com offers the best pricing out of the above 2 on the existing 885).

The 895 is due out sometime in November!

I am interested in an 895 myself. Just waiting to see some reviews etc on the unit.

ps. Other Harmony stockists.


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It will almost certainly NOT control the somfy motor. Most somfy motors are controlled via a standard 433Mhz radio, or by straight ir to relay closure control. No remote around can learn RF, and therefore control other peoples RF. (there are several threads on remote central about the court cases that disallow 'learning' RF remotes).

You best bet is to change buy a IR interface for your screen, or use some sort of X10 or z-wave to switch some relays over to control the screen.



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I've been thinking about this because I want to get a Beamax screen too. The way I've thought about doing it is getting the Trigger box for the screen and connecting this to either the projector (if it has a trigger) or the amp (again if it has a trigger). Then when you turn on the projector or amp your screen will automatically drop down. You can then just continue using your existing remote.

Sorry if you've already dismissed this idea.

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