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Harmony 885 v 895 - is RF the only difference?


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Looking at Logitech's site, the only difference between these 2 is the 895 has "Wireless RF Control".

Presumably the only time you'd need this would be if your equipment is hidden away in a cupboard or perhaps in another room, without direct line of sight for infrared?

The 885 can be had for £120 from Amazon versus £174 for the 895.
So assuming you don't need the RF functionality anytime soon, is the 885 the one to go for?
Or does the 895 have other additional features that aren't listed on Logitech's site?


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The only differences are as you stated, the additional RF functionality of the 895. Also the 895 is finished in silver whereas the 885 has a darker grey colour. Personally, I would have preferred the darker colour of the 885 but needed the RF functionality so have an 895.

Apart from that, setup and use is identical


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I went for the 895. It's much more reliable to use RF, simply because you don't have to stand there like a lemon pointing the remote in the right direction for 5-10 seconds as a power-on sequence runs. I really didn't think that very user friendly, particularly for others trying to use the system.

You can pop the IR blaster somewhere sensible (on a support strut of a coffee table, in my case), and be confident that every IR signal's going to reach its target.

There are indeed no extra features in the 895, apart from the RF.

The only real annoyance is that when you update the remote you always have to update both the IR blaster and the remote. (The IR blaster stores all the IR sequences, and the remote stores all the display and menu stuff).


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Thanks guys.

I'm not that bothered about the RF functionality so I may well just go for the 885.
My current macro remote uses infrared and that works powering on all of the kit 99% of the time so it shouldn't be a problem.


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Thanks for that.
I'm still trying to decide whether it's for me or not as from what i can gather it's primarily designed to be used as an activity based remote and I'm not so sure that would suit the way I power on and off individual bits of kit.

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