Harmony 885 glitch?


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Just bought new Harmony 855....going sweet but when i'm in 'watch TV mode' which turns on Sky+, TV and Reciever...there is the word TEXT (which works!) in the LCD part of the control...but when i look in the custom button labels for that activity there is nothing there!?!?

Any help greatly appreciated.



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No, i double checked in the custom button label section and there is absolutely nothing there mate!

Beats me! ...:(

Would it be worth contactin' support?


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I had what sounds like the same problem and I've just figured it out.

My remote was displaying the words 'Red' and 'Green' in the LCD even though they weren't listed in custom buttons. The problem was that the functions 'page up' and 'page down' were assigned to the remotes red and green buttons. I changed them back to being Red and Green, updated the remote and now the labels are gone.

So if you look at the button configuration in the activity you're having problems with, find the 'Text' button in the left hand column and you will probably find another activity assigned to it in one of the right hand columns. If you remove this the label should disappear. Either that or it's not the same problem I had :)


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I've looked in the left hand column for the watch tv activity and there is no text function there at all! Seems to be everything but!


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I'm having a simlar problem which is really annoying me.
(hence the time of this post)

There are 4 custom labels showing on the lcd in my 'watch sky' activity on the remote, yet I have removed them on the set up and they are clearly not there. I have updated the remote from the web and client software and i can confirm that it has made changes elsewhere. It seems it is updating but not removing custom labels.

How do I get rid of them on the reomote? Can I do a 'hard reset' on the remote (if that'll cure the problem)?


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I am also seeing the word "Text" against the top-left custom button on the remote when I am in a "Watch SkyHD" activity.

It is not configured in the "Custom Buttons Label" on the configuration website.

I have, however, assigned the Sky HD "Text" function to the "Skip Forward" button on the Harmony.

Anybody know how I can remove the "Text" caption on the top-left custom button? I want to assign a different Custom button there.



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