Harmony 880 remote - input problems




I have recently bought the harmony 880 remote and I am having a few problems

Plasma tv TCL -- PDP42U4AS

The main problem is the input selection

I can get activities to work (eg: turn on tv, amp for sound, and STB) but the input does nothing)

I have a tv where on my old remote a button brings up an input menu (input), a button selects up or down (channel + or -) to select an input and another button (volume + or -) confirms the input

i have set up all this on the Harmony web software, have learned the codes for these comands , and tryed to use some of harmonys pre selected ir codes.

eventually i got the remote to automatically bring up the on screen input menu and go to an input (BUT IT WAS NEVER THE RIGHT ONE - IT SEEMED CONFUSED AND NEVER WENT TO WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO TO) so every time i changed activities the input was wrong because the input it was going from had changed

I have tryed for days to get this set up and i still cant get it working, I have rang customer support and a rep went through everything but I have had no success

I tryed changing the model of my tv in the setup menu which is the TCL PDP42U4AS to the older model tcl PDP42U3H (even though it has diff input s in its menu - one extra i think , but i changed that to what i had and the inputs now automatically move (as i said before)

Is there any way to fix this or to get around it , do you have any set codes to get it to work for this tv (the tcl is the same as a lot of LG PDPanels as how the inputs are selected)

as I said i have already rang up a rep and he played with a few of these codes such as start input , next input and finish input AND THES WORK IN DEVICE MODE BUT NOT WHEN I SET THEM IN THE INPUT SETTINGS IN AN ACTIVITY

The response I had from harmony

Thank you for your recent inquiry about your Harmony Remote

I'm sorry to hear of the difficulties you have been experiencing with your Harmony remote. I've examined the setting in your account and the commands you have taught to the remote. All seems to be set up correctly. Please double check that the input list on the Harmony page for your TV match's exactly to the TV. If the input list is the same then please test the remote once again and verify if the help button fixes the input issue. If the Help does fix the issue please address the speed settings for the TV. I have already made some adjustments to the speed settings for you to try. Please update the remote and test the speed settings. You may have to use help once every time after an update to ensure the remote is synced up with the devices. I have included the steps for you below on how to adjust speed settings. If the Help button does not fix the issue please contact customer support by phone so we may further troubleshoot this issue. When calling please ensure to give this reference num

I have tryed everything, the input menu comes up but always goes to the wrong input, i have mucked around with heaps of delay settings and the ssame thing happens,

it seems its confused where to start (e.g the menu goes


and say it was on dvi and i wanted to go to s-vid it would go to a random input insted of knowing that s-vid is in a particular order

i have checked that my input names are correct and in the right order

i have already rang and emailed support (they said to check my inputs were correct and they changed my delay settings agsain

i dont think there is anything else (settings wise, that i can change) or support, i though support would be all over these issues with a fix

any suggestions
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