Harmony 785/Bravia X/How to set input?


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Hi guys, think I may just be being particularly thick but I can't get my 785 to do what I want with my TV (details in sig). How do I get it to eg when I press "Play DVD" turn the tv to the correct input? For me that involves calling up a menu, scrolling down 4 to inputs, scrolling down the inputs and pressing 'enter'. How do I tell my remote to do that? Am sure it's easy but it's defeating me currently... :rolleyes:

Thanks folks.


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I *think* you need to edit the device (TV) - you can tell it how your TV changes input, what inputs you have, in what order etc.


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No need to cycle through a menu.

All Sony tvs have discreet inputs, which means you can go straight to that input (despite not having these on the original remote).

First thing to do is to "adjust the inputs" for tv (DEVICE) on the harmony website/software. Tell it that you go directly to the appropriate input. Next, match input1 = input1, input2 = input2, and so on. Don't be tempted to choose component or hdmi, as these don't work. You'll probably find the input4, 5, or 6 will select these instead.

Once this is done, you then need to set up the (ACTIVITY), so that the tv turns on, and the appropriate input is selected. You may need to redo this to find the correct input.

My Sony KDFE50A12 inputs are as follows:

1 = scart 1
2 = scart 2
3 = component
4 = side mounted phono sockets
5 = PC input
6 = HDMI


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Outstanding mate, that's really helped! Ta v much :)

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