Harmony 665 won't change inputs


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Hi, can any fellow Harmony owners help? I've added all my devices to my 665 remote in My Harmony and setup several activities, watch TV, watch Roku and Watch Blu-ray. Each one set to power on the TV, soundbar and relevant device (on the selected input).

The problem is, when I select Watch TV with everything off, required devices power on OK but the TV doesn't change to HDMI 1 which is what I need, it stays on the input it was last on. I have managed to get the 'Watch' activities changing the input when the TV is on, but they're all out of sync unless the current input is HDMI 1.

My Sharp TV has a source button and I select the required input with the arrow (un-used inputs can still be selected) and I've set all this up in My Harmony but I just can't seem to get it working. Any ideas?


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Thanks flashy, I thought about a delay on the activity which it wouldn't let me do, I didn't think about the device itself. I've found this can be done on the remote so have set a delay of 25 seconds after power on and that seems to have worked. Thanks for your help!

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