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Hi guys, thanks to your advice I have plunged for a Harmony. I am having a few problems setting up the tv unfortunately and have an old (approx 5 years) Matsui 28WN tv. Unfortunately Harmony only have two Matsui's on their system and they are 28WN04 and 05. Neither of these work and I am stuck! Do I need to contact customer service ? If so is there a number for Uk bods to call in this country or a best email address to get a good response ? Don't want to buy a new tv just yet !

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There should be an option to select 'other' or something like that (basically to tell it you don't want to go with either of the options it comes up with) then select this.

What you will then have to do is teach the Harmony remote all the commands from your existing TV remote.

That's the theory, not had this problem myself (yet). The worst I've had is needing to teach it a few sample commands so that it can find the best match for my esoteric Beko TV.

Customer Services are usually pretty reasonable at giving you an answer, even if it's not always the one you're after...

Hope this helps, best of luck


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You could try buying a cheap OneForAll remote, set it up so that it will control your TV and then learn the codes from that. OneForAll has a fairly exhaustive database of codes so it should have the right code for your TV.

theo cupier

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Warnie - understand the problem now...

Have you googled your exact make & model of TV since there are a lot of online retailers of TV remote controls? This might provide an answer, albeit at a cost. Greenbars' OneForAll idea should be cheaper, if it works.

Failing that, try Customer Service although if the suggested options don't work you may be at a dead end.

Good luck


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the Matsui will use someone elses codes so a bit of a dig around may help, Mastercare should sell you a replacement remote.

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