Harmony 555 and a SONY KDL 37S550


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Hi All,

You know, sometimes change is just not worth it. :)

I have been happily using my 555 with a Sammy TV for ages until I decided to upgrade a new Sony, bigger screen, 1080p and all that.

Now I cannot select any of the HDMI ports using the harmony, not directly anyway. The only way is to select something that has a discrete code, like AV3 and move down to the right input.

Not good at all and slowly driving me nuts, now imagine what the rest of the family are like.

I have contacted Logitech support who tell me they don't have the codes. So I have mailed Sony but to be honest, every other time I have contacted them it has not exactly been a wonderful experience.

So any ideas? All of my devices bar one are connected via HDMI and that's the very thing I can't switch to. I refuse to believe that all the other inputs have discrete codes but not the HDMI ones.

Anyone done this on an s-series Sony and a Harmony?


Are you saying that the Harmony database for your TV doesn't have separate InputHDMI commands, or that it does have them but they don't work?
As you have already discovered the method of selecting the nearest command that does work and then sending - presumably - the InputNext command to reach the one you do want, all you need to do is to make that process automatic.
Set each Activtiy to the one that does work, then include the one or more InputNexts as Additional When Activity Starts.
If that works get Logitech support to combine each set of commands into one new one, which will then be the separate HDMI commands you need.
Of course a simpler method would be to try other models of Sony, and Logitech support ought to have recommended some for you to try.


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Yea there are no commands for the HDMI ports full stop.

I have done it as you recommend but the problem there is some times it misses and doesn't move forward enough and some time is does it too many times. I have played and played with the delays and nothing much seems to make any difference.

I have tried all sorts of other sony sets but none have been suggested by the Logitech and none work at all.

What delays are people using in situations like this? I have mine set quite high as anything low, 100ms, 500ms seemed to result in nothing happening.

It is interesting that once I get this working, even if by the select and move using nextinput method can then be assigned to a single button. Can this only be done by the logitech guys? what info will they need?


You've tried it by the Additional Commands method?
You might find that better if you included InfraRed Delays between the Additional Commands.
The usual procedure when that method works IS to get Logitech support to combine the initial Command with the appropriate number of InputNext to make new separate commands.
The Additionals can then be removed, and the new separate ones specified.
An average value for the Inter-Key Delay, which is the relevant one here, would be 200ms.
One other possibility would be to revert to Method 1, which ought to work, with the correct Inter-Key Delay.

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