Harmony 1000 or 1100?


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Hi folks,

I'm planning on purchasing a remote control for my home cinema as i'm fed up with having to change inputs, channels etc from 4 different remotes!! I've been looking at what's avaliable and from what i've seen, I prefer the look and ease of use of the Logitech Harmony 1000, but have noticed that there is also a 1100 model out.

Should I save some money by going for the 1000 as its been out longer than the 1100?? Does the 1100 offer more than the 1000 and would it be worth paying the extra?? Any help and info would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup:

Here is a link to show you what the remote will be used with!! :)


Any of the lower end models would handle your devices with ease, but if you want the higher end then the 1100 has improvements on the 1000 and is more stable.


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logiciel: thank you for your quick response:smashin:, i'm in the process of scouring the web for some decent prices. Part of the reason I was thinking about the 1000 is of course its price and if there is only very few differences between the 2 models, it kind of makes me lean towards the 1000 more!!

Thanks again :)


That's OK - you're welcome.
There IS a big price difference between the 1000 and 1100, and a much bigger difference between them and the excellent One and other models.
This page shows you them all: http://www.inet.karoo.net/harmony.htm

Greg Hook

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You can usually get a mint 1000 on the forums here for about £110. (I know as I did! :) )

Quite a big price difference between that and the (new) 1100 at £300 ish. :eek:


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1000 keeps popping up on Amazon at £139 ish as well which makes it quite a bargain I think... the 1100 looks nice and I believe you have more control on the screen layout (which would be cool) but I'm not sure that those things alone make it worth double the money, if I were spending that much I would seriously consider keeping an eye out for a S/H Pronto of some kind...

Had my 1000 for a few weeks now though and pretty happy with it overall... still tweaking a few things but I got to 80% pretty quick and I'm sure I'll get to a 95% setup soon... I'm also using the RF Extender which I would seriously recommend, not needing line of sight makes activity macros much more effective plus the range is excellent (I bought to control things in other rooms and it has no problem coping with my thick Victorian walls).

Hope that helps...



The Harmony IR/RF Extender allows the 1000 and 1100 (and two or three earlier models) to send to specified devices the IR commands in a form of RF, which the extender receives and converts back to IR for reception by the devices.


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chrisfh: Thank you for your info there Chris, that's helped quite a bit:thumbsup:. I'm thinking of going for the 1000 purely for its price, ease of use and its good looks!! lol

I have noticed that a lot of people have said it is an easy remote to setup and use and generally has a good all round perfomance. I feel that if I went for the 1100, I would'nt be using it to its full potential!! So i'm going to have an in depth search on the web for prices (as you mentioned, Amazon looks good so far:thumbsup:) and hopefully i'll add it to my system soon:smashin:

Thanks again for your help:)


All the Harmonys are set up in basically the same way.
The 1100 doesn't have more potential than the 1000 - in fact it's missing one of its good features, the Harmony sequences - it just looks a bit nicer.

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What about battery life ?

I know they are charged in cradles but was surprised to read on a current For Sale thread the, supposedly, encouraging comment, that:
".. reckon battery would last at least two days.. "

Blimey :eek:
I can imagine mine getting very heavy usage, especially at weekends. There's not much slack there if you forget to stick it back in the cradle one night.

Is that typical of the 1000 and is the 1100 any better ?


You have the charging base so there's no point in not leaving the remote on it whenever it's not in use.
Then you never have to even think about the battery level.

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