Harmony 1000 Line of Sight Question


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Hi there. I have a TV at one end of the room, a projector on the ceiling at the other end and a kit rack alone the side of the room.

How can I use a Harmony 1000? Does it require line of sight to all my kit? If it does, I'm stuffed.



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just tried mine not pointing at anything in particular and it works fine.
changing channel and volume i am about 6M away.
hope this helps.


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Oh right cheers. Does anyone know if that's a fluke or is it actually made to work like that?!



My projector behind me responds to IR remote commands directed towards the screen - I suppose they just reflect back.


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It does require line of sight. It will work at reasonable angles but anything too acute and you'll need to angle the remote toward the equipment.

Like hhatkin I found that the signal can reflect off the TV in front of you and control equipment behind you - so long as you're not blocking the path.

Logitech do an RF extender though that might help you for any non-line of sight equipment http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/remotes/universal_remotes/devices/378&cl=gb,en

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