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Harmony 1000 Help


ive recently just got a harmony 1000 off the classifieds here , it really is starting to bug me i cant get it to do what i want, Firstly is there anyway to change the home screen so that it doesnt show activitys but instead ur devices.

Also ive got a main issue for the inputs for the amp i have is they all have separate buttons bar one HDP which i need to press twice for the two hdmi inputs but when i press the button assigned on the Harmony it only selects on of the sources and doesnt change. I hope that makes sense

Can anyone offer any assistance.


All Harmonys are about using Activities for all your controlling. The Devices area has no purpose other than storage, and occasionally testing. If any Activity does not include all the commands you need you Customise them into it. If any does not include a device that you need you Review Settings and make it an Additional Device.
Logitech support may be able to create new input commands for those double presses if you e-mail them the details.


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From your question about whether the home screen can be changed to display the devices instead of the activities, I am guessing (and please tell me if I am wrong!) that you have missed the point slightly with Harmony remotes - they are all about the activities, and setting activities up correctly on your PC is crucial to getting the most out of it. If you want to change something specifically on one of the devices you can choose them from within an activity by pressing the star icon on the bottom right of the screen, but I don't usually find this necessary.

Regarding changing the inputs on your projector, it might be possible that the Harmony database has codes for choosing the input you want immediately without cycling through them all (if I understand you correctly, you are saying that you have one button on the original remote for cycling through the inputs). When you set up an activity, you have to tell the software what input/output etc everything needs to be on.

Not sure if this has been helpful - keep the questions coming and I am sure everyone will manage to get you sorted!



OP's inputs "all have separate buttons bar one".
i figured out the problem i was having but i cannot seem to stop it in the activites setting the av on the tv to the incorrect one it doesnt give me the option to change it. plus on my sky plus when i navigate the menu one button press on the harmony moves the highlighter on the menu twice.


You've fixed the inputs on the amp, but now have the same problem on the TV, right?
The Troubleshoot is meant for problems like that with the repeating command.

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