Harmony 1000 and Sky HD


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Hi All,
I am looking at buying one of these fine looking remotes, but can't seem to find a definitive answer in these forums with regards to using Sky HD and the coloured buttons. Can any owners confirm how easy it is to use Sky HD with one of these remotes and how you overcame the lack of the coloured hard buttons?
If anyone knows a good cheap place / site to buy one that would also be much appreciated..:D
I read about entering "JELLYJUMPER" or "JELLYJUMPERS" into the Logitech website for a 20% discount, but it doesn't appear that you can buy these from Logitech online from the logitech.com or logitech.co.uk sites.:confused:

Thanks Derek


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theres screenshot somewhere in this section, didnt seem to have coloured buttons yet, but he did set it up so the buttons where called red, green ect so he could access the sky functions ok


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I own one of these remotes and have it setup with sky HD. i can confirm that you can not have the actual colours displayed in the button but can setup buttons with the words 'red', green' etc written inside them. Works well with Sky HD and never need to use the original remote.

of note another annoyance is the inability to setup the record, play, rewind etc as actual icons. Again you can setup with the words displayed in boxes. The actual icons are available for DVD playback but there appears to be a 'bug' which prevents them from appearing on the sky HD setting. I know other owners have had this problem also. Not a huge deal as the funcitons can still be accessed but still bit of a pain


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I am wondering now whether to go for the 895, it seems to do both IR and RF, but you also get the coloured hard buttons. It just doesn't look quite as cool as the 1000, but I'm thinking it's single hand design and coloured buttons will make it the more practical remote.

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It's possible to get the full the Play, Pause, Record, Rewind, FF etc buttons as well as the Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. The key is to set it up as a PVR when you select devices and not as a "Channel Selector" or set top box. The Colour buttons have to be added in as Additional buttons. We have set programmed the 895 before and the programmes are interchangeable - apart from making it nice and easy to change models it also means that everything you can do on one remote you can do on the other.

For simplicity you can't beat either remote. If you are looking for optimal customisation and flexibilty then you will need to spend at least twice as much again and go for the Phillips Pronto.

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