Harmon Kardon Component Signal Problems

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by nickquest, Jul 2, 2004.

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    I have just bought a harmon kardon dvd-2550 from play.com. I chose this particular one as it was reasonably priced, multi region, and PAL and NTSC progressive. When wired to the component input of the tuner box on my PW6 Panasonic plasma, i'm not getting any picture. (Component out selected in dvd setup menu) I know the component input is ok, as my my old dvd player used to play fine through them. When messing about with every setting under the sun to try and get it working, it finally came on. I switched it to progressive and interlaced and it worked brilliantly on both settings. Slightly confused, i unplugged it, and mounted it into my av rack, plugged everything back in, and hey presto! No picture again! :suicide:
    Slightly irate now, i rang play.com, told them of the problem, and they agreed to exchange it. I received the replacement today. To my absolute horror, this wouldnt output anything out of the component outputs either!
    Do you think there is a compatibilty problem between the DVD and the plasma / tuner box?
    What setting should the DVD be on, AUTO, PAL, PAL60 or NTSC?
    Any ideas what it could be? :mad:

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