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Any one know if they are bringing out any new AV Amps?

PC Nut

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Many thanks For the replies, SamirP & Dfour.
I was looking for a little more power, around the 100 - 120 watts range, was hoping they might have plans for a replacment 8500.
As this was mentioned at S'Oaks back in January. The reason I did not buy the 8500 was due to her in doors not liking the all black unit. Just have to wait and see what if any thing comes.


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Hi pc nut
Spoke to harman kardon at manchester they said a replacement was due around the end of summer.Btw cant you persuade the misses about the 8500 it looks a lot better in the flesh and sounds even better and at the prices you are getting it for (around £1300) makes it a no brainer,Also the amp outputs alot more power than it states in the manual.
Cheers Gonzo.


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Intriguingly, if one were to look carefully through the grille on the 8500, a green printed circuit board has the lable " harman/kardon 8500/9000". Perhaps the 9000 will be the summer replacement?

PC Nut:
If tou really must have a very powerful amp, and the missus don't like h/k kit, then how about NAD T773? I reckon their kit looks good (esp. in silver) and sounds good, too. I must admit that I haven't heard the T773, yet, but it should be a candidate for demo at least.


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Thanks for the info Gonzo, i hope its in Silver. S.O were offering the 8500 for £1250 in Jan but could not convince her in doors.

Russraff, i got to give it to you, looks like a nice bit of kit for £1099 Not black either just Charcoal, i dont think she will go for that either but just might take an audtion. and buy some silver spray with the change. Or

Will just have to wait for the 9000.


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Hi PC Nut.

I too like the Harmon Kardon range and if you root around on the US version of the site you will find the DEC 2003 Brochure PDF which has some brief details of Amps / Receivers not detailed on the rest of the site.

Specifically the:
7x120W DPR 2005 which is a digital only Receiver.
7x110W AVR 7300 which is basically a more powerful AVR630 with a few more Video enhancements.

I have no info when they will be available but I will be waiting until they do before I make any purchases! :D

BTW I have heard that HK rate their power output differently than other manufacturers so the AVR 630 at 75W is not as bad as it seems.

I would be interested to know if all digital receivers are better than those with DACs, I know they are a lot smaller and assume more expensive but are they better quality?


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Thanks for the info Angeleyes.
Not had time to read all spec, but from what i have read sounds really cool. Pity they did not put up a few jpeg's

Info only:- in the news section if any one else is interested.


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You can find pictures here in the Dec 2003 catalogue in PDF format. DEC2003BROCHURE.pdf

Looks pretty nice if you ask me, especially the all digital amps which are a lot smaller.

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Many thanks AngelEyes.

Now that does look nice as well, i think i shall hang on and have an audition when its released the dpr 2005 will probably be first.
Just one more question though, has any one got or listened too their previous digital amps, and know of any short comings that may crop up. I know thats two Q. :)

Thanks again Angeleyes.


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The AVR7300 has a Faroudja DCDi deinterlacer chip in, much the same as in the Yamaha AZ9. A very, very useful feature for plasma and projector owners...

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You’ve read the spec as well; I must say it does look good for the price, if it’s a straight dollar conversion. Will have to wait for a review of both units before deciding which way to go. Im nearly in the market for a 434hde and may well need the upconversion.

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