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After having just bought a HK AVR507 online I am now looking to buy a dvd & cd player. Superjam, where I bought the 507, don't do either of the models I'm after.

Can anyone recommend anywhere else please?


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There's a remote hack for it matey. Tried and tested.

Maybe you'd have been better buying the 506/507/Infinity 7.1 package from AV-Sales. It worked out like I got the 506 free(ish)


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Decided to go for the 2550 from Play. Not overkeen on *really* thin players:D

I'd like to get a HK 5 disc CD player but it would have to be the silver finish. They have one in the USA but I can't find one here. Anyone any ideas please?


What DVD Player are you after ?

I just received my AVR507 & DVD-506 from SoftJam.
Do you not like/want the 506?

They are superb together. The 506 was only £258 inc VAT ... an absolute bargain. The prog scan images are top notch, sound is awesome. Only briefly tried CD music, but seems very capable.


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As I said I prefer a more substantial player - I have paid £259 delivered for the 2550 which is silver.

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