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Aug 21, 2002
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I find myself quite interested in the HK DVD 25, it has all the feaures I am looking for, it's an 'interesting' looking player and the price is right. I have downloaded the brochure and manual but am struggling to find a decent review (Total DVD's online single paragraph didn't go into much detail and I am never 100% sure on T3's...)

I see that it was reviewed in Junes HCC but I some how seem to have not bough that issue.

My question is, can anyone do me a huge favor and scan the reviews and email it to me. Failing this a faxed photocopy would also be great (I will have to check my work fax number in the morning)

Please PM me for my email address / fax number if you can help!

Thanks in advance
Don't have scan/fax facilities at the mo', but see extracts from summary below:

'Although the DVD25 comes on as just another midrange DVD player, it has some unexpected strengths, of which the most important are progressive scan and superior sound quality.'

Highs: Excellent sound; potential for excellent pictures from NTSC.
Lows: Modest onscreen definition and chroma performance.

Picture: 4 stars
Sound: 4.5 stars
Features: 3 stars
Overall: 4 stars

You are a star! Thanks for that. Is there any more info in the body of the reviews regarding the chroma performance.

Thanks again:)
Just had a quick scan through, and body of review doesn't seem have any adverse comments on this.

Lab Report mumbo jumbo mentions 'Chroma AM/PM' and 'Chroma crosstalk', but results are 'very good' or 'excellent' for every parameter.

Only mention of chroma in body is as follows '.......picture quality is good; with very low chroma and luma noise levels. The picture definition is unlikely to disappoint. Overall the DVD25 is a pleasing video player.'

One other useful point that they mention is that multiregion firmware can be downloaded from www.apache.co.uk/vision/.

Hope this helps.

Thanks again Exeter Man, you've been really helpfull:D

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