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Hello ALL,

I just registered fo this very topic. It is driving me NUTS. So, I have an Xbox One X that is connected through the latest version HDMI to my Samsung UE40H6200AW. For audio I run a optical cable straight from the Xbox One X to my Harman Kardon receiver, a AVR 145 model. I know, it's an old beast. Now, there is a slight delay in audio and video. The kind where the audio is ahead of the video, because of the Tv's processing. Yes, using Game Mode helps, it reduces the delay slightly (video is a bit 'quicker', closer to realtime) but, video quality is just terrible. Also, it doesn't really fix the problem.

The problem exist, nothing I can do will 'move up' the video 'closer' to the real output of the Xbox. I'll have to be the audio to move closer to the video, 'away' from the source, if this makes sense. This way there will still be an input lag, but no more lip sync issues. That will do I guess. Now here is the problem. The receiver has an AV Delay function, and it seems to do the job. While watching Netflix and using the delay, say 20ms, the audio clearly comes closer to the video. At some point I think, okay, close enough, this is the best it will get, so I leave the delay (at maybe 25ms). Next day I boot the Xbox and Netflix and the whole issue is back again. Video and audio are as far apart as before, but the receiver still says 25ms delay. So, I set it to 0ms, reboot everything to start over. This time, the sweet spot seems to lay around 52ms. I think to myself, how is this possible? Then later again, the audio seems to have moved again, I use the delay again, now I end up at 75ms and it still feels weird.

It seems that every time, I don't know what causes it, the AVR resets the delay but leaves the digits (75ms). I can't seem to get my audio synced up. Now I really need help. How on earth am I going to sync audio and video? Is this something that has happened before to someone? I could really use a solution... It's driving me insane. EDIT: Now, while playing Xcom 2, I managed to sync audio en video; 40ms. After turning everything off, it remembers the 40ms delay input but it doesn't 'activate' it. I have to manually select 41 so it jumps to that, than back to 40. It seems like I have to to this every time I start everything up. Also, it seems like it doesn't 'jump back' to the actual input of 40ms. It is off still.. I don't get this..
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