Question Harman Kardon AVR 151 Audio Dropout and Input Switch Problem


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Hello all,

I have purchased a Harman Kardon AVR 151S (1510S) receiver last week and connected it to my LG EG910V (EG9100) OLED TV through the ARC hdmi socket; ARC and Simplink active on tv side and HDMI Link active on the avr side.

Initially I connected everything while every device was off but still connected to power, which I learned later on was a mistake. Anyway, other devices were PS3, Satellite box and Laptop, which were all hdmi connected to the AVR with inputs Game, STB and Disc respectively.

My first encounter with the problem was on the second day while watching a bluray movie via the PS3. Somewhere along the movie, but never at the beginning of it, I got audio dropouts for 1-2 seconds tops intermittently at random times, while the video continued to play on screen during these dropouts. I didn't experience the same drop when I rewinded and played the same part so it shouldn't be a problem about the source, right?

Other than these occasional audio dropouts, I also encountered multiple but less frequent input switches. While watching the movie, the AVR switched to the TV input on its own, resulting in loss of both video and audio, while the source PS3 continued to play. There is nothing defined for the TV input mind you, sat-box is STB, PS3 is Game and Laptop is Disc. So, I can't understand the reason for this input switch from the avr. When I clicked on the input for PS3 again, the audio and video returned to the speakers and screen.

Hence I called tech support and they told me that I should connect the satellite-box directly to the TV, as the cable line might carry voltage and harm the avr (I live in Turkey so it might not be the case everywhere). They also added that connections should be made while every device is disconnected from power sockets.

So I disconnected everything including HDMI cables, waited for 10 minutes, connected and finally plugged everything in again. I connected the sat-box to the TV so audio will be transferred through ARC. Therefore with this connection, TV input now meant sat-box.

Yesterday evening I was watching TV through sat-box and once there was an audio problem; the audio dropped from 5.1 speakers and switched to TV's internal speakers for just a split second and returned to the surround. Later that night, while watching a video from laptop and the remaining devices sat-box and ps3 turned off, the input switched to TV on its own again just like before. AVR switched to TV, in which nothing was active, and I lost video and audio until returning to correct input.

What might be the reason for these occasional dropouts and input switches and how can I fix it? I would really appreciate the help.


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There is an outside chance that it is a problem with the Hdmi cables. If you could try different ones ( they don't have to be very expensive) it would rule it out.

More likely it is a faulty AVR, you could check if there are any firmware updates. But if you bought it new I would report it as faulty to the supplier and ask thst they swap it for a different unit.

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