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Harman/Kardon 3550 any good?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by dpoxon, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. dpoxon


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    Just found out about Harman/Kardon receivers. I was thinking about getting a Yam 630/Marantz 5300/Nad 752 but I have just been told that the the Harman/Kardon has a better processor (based on Lexicon - market leader??) and although it is not high on features, it is very good on music. The DVD 25 is also meant to be good at music so may be be a good pair? I'm thinking of B&W 602 s3 or 603 s3 speakers to go with them.

    Anyone have a view on this? I thought that US kit was not that capable but any opinions would be welcome.
  2. russraff

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    Aug 1, 2000
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    Harman/Kardon kit is just as capable as any other, especially for music (though H/K amps tend to be up front). H/K is renowned for making high current amplifiers. These are quite a bit more powerful than the, normally conservative, ratings would let you believe. The 4500, for example is rated at 5x55w/channel. In actuality the 4500 will give 5x85.

    The processors inside H/K amps are from crystal semiconductor. I think the processing that you refer to is not the chip, but rather a sound mode called Logic 7. This is a superior alternative to Pro-Logic 2 and DTS Neo-6. It isn't exactly what you get in a Lexicon processor, but it is still a good thing to have, especially for music playback.
    If I were to get B&W 603's then I would probably say that the 5500 is the least you should be looking at, preferably the 7500.

    The DVD25 is outstanding in stereo terms, certainly better than any DVD player I have heard at this price point. The video performance isn't too hot, though, and a Toshiba 520 would be a better option if this were a priority. The DVD 25 isn't DVD-A or SACD compatible (though the internal components are), but this one of the cheapest PAL and NTSC progressive scan players out there.

    NAD make some good kit, too, and operate very much like H/K and Rotel: Not too many features, but plenty of quality components. I would get a NAD, than either the Yamaha or Marantz receivers that you mention, if CD stereo quality is important


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