Hardware problems? Xbox One S.


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Hi. I've been having some issues for the past 4 days with my Xbox One S. Almost all of my games will show me the "took too long to start" and the ones that I can actually open take forever to get into matches and textures won't load up (for Overwatch, as an example, characters won't show up for me and sometimes it kicks me out for inactivity when I'm still getting into the match). All my games are digital and I've already tried every troubleshooting method you can imagine: resetting, hard resetting, power cycling, factory resetting, offline system update, deleting cache, etc. I contacted support and they told me that it might be part of the hardware, they said it might be the hard drive. I somewhere read that what can make that happen is a damaged internal hard drive, which confirms what the support person told me. Since my warranty expired and can't afford to send it for repairs (It's more than what I paid for the console itself), I wanted to try and get another hard drive and install it myself. I looked up how to do it, what to get, how to format it, so that's not a problem. I just wanted to make sure it's the hard drive and not something else.
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I had the same problems recently
I left the beta programme and it's been fine since touch wood
I left the program as well, and then I did the offline system update and it seems like I still had the beta system update. Is there a way of uninstalling the update?


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If your issues are due to your console's internal hard drive failing, going back to stable software releases won't make any difference in the long run.

The internal drive on my One X failed when it was out of warranty, but I was able to confirm this due to how it was behaving and the error codes it was generating. It wasn't worth the cost to send it to Microsoft, nor the risk of not getting my mint Scorpio Edition back for what the low grade hard drive costs that they put in them, so I ended up replacing it myself and decided to use an SSD. It performed noticeably better with this type of drive too.

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