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Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by Sandman, Apr 21, 2004.

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    I run a home built AMD Athlon 2000xp pc with 512MB RAM and a sound blaster audigy. The video card I had installed was an nvidia geforce 2 with 64 mb ram. I bought an AverTV card a few weeks ago and all worked well apart from the sound when using time-shift on the tv card was a bit weird but I have found out this is due the audugy and the way it records audio. Anyway I recently upgraded the video card to a geforce 4 ti4600 256, I got this card from a friend and so know it works. I wanted this so I could get two monitor outs and also a tv-out. I had a lot of trouble getting this installed and eventually had to do a clean install of windows xp and then instal one peice of hardware at a time. I thought it was all working until I tried to record seinfeld last night and my pc went in a major strop and went into a constant reboot cycle. I had to remove the tv card to get it to reboot. I am now scared to reinstal the tv card in case I run into more problems. Does anybody have any suggestions to get all my hardwere installed and have the pc run without problems? I am about to give up on the whole idea of a media centre.

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