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It is a MSI GTX 1080Ti DUKE OC


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I would be happy with that one.
I *think* MSI warranty is based on the serial number if the card is not registered in your name, so i think you will be covered there too.

(but that said dont hold me to that)

edit a quick google seems to confirm

Which manufacturers have transferable warranties?! : nvidia


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It's a shameless steal from Hot UK deals but a 120GB SSD for your OS and your fave game is an absolute bargain at £16.99 If you've not made the jump to SSD yet this is a great opportunity. It's not the fastest SSD but it's still a massive jump from a HDD.

EDIT: If you want to spend £1 more you can get this Crucial BX500 which is slightly faster than the Kingston.

Kingston - Read 500MB/s, Write - 320MB/s
Crucial - Read 540MB/s, Write - 500MB/s
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Also stolen from HUKD
Sapphire Vega 64 Nitro+ for under £310 from amazon france
380 Euro plus 6 euro delivery
But then a 38 Euro coupon. Use a fee free card

Free games as well.
I know Navi is out in a few weeks, but I cannot see them costing under £400 for the blower cards, and the non reference once will not be out until August supposedly


Dammmn, I bought on of them last year(1tb) and it was £180 then, prices have crashed alot.

I mean 2x16gb sticks of DDR4 memory is the same price as the 2 sticks of 8gb I bought last year, one part of the whole PC nonsense I hate....
Yep I've just bought two 8gb sticks of 3000 ddr4 for £60


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not sure if a bargain but its a decent deal for anyone looking at a 2080 super. I was looking at getting a 2070 super but then after some research found that some of the high class 2080 cards are at 2080 super levels.

Zotac GeForce RTX 2080 AMP Extreme Edition 8192MB GDDR6 PCI-Express Graphics Card

This one has the highest out of box pre over clock of any 2080 and in the GPU score for time spy matches the founders 2080 super. It also has the rated samsung GDDR6 memory which overclocks like a dream

I was also able to overclock my core by 70 points and put a conservative 1000 points on the samsung memory.

Its now beats a 2080 super

it offered me a noticeable improvement over my GTX1080


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The have been in and out of stock all day yesterday. I hovvered over getting one. In all honesty I don't like them.... But some games on pc just don't work on a traditional pad and I am struggling with my wrists when using KB/M. By the time I thought about it they were OOS. I kept watching and bagged one last night.
£4 sounds amazing but the delivery is ludicrous. £11.40 is not such a bargain (the pad feels cheap, the plastic is terrible and the triggers spongy) but I am hoping it will serve a purpose


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