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I have just received an old HP Compaq 6715b laptop. It has no harddrive so I will need to add one.

Any ideas what hard drive I should put in this (size etc)? I will probably install ubuntu on it and use it for browsing etc though I'm still not 100% what to use it for. Could you use it as a media server or something?

What about SSD harddrives - do they only work on windows 7?

I'm looking for something cheap - less than 80GB would suffice.

Thanks for any recommendations!


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Thanks - I have been searching the web and I am thinking it might be good to set it up as a NAS using freeNas. I would use it for storing files for access on my home network. And streaming from my PS3. Perhaps even connect to it via VPN?
I know I would need a bigger harddrive - and a usb stick to store the O/S on. Any thoughts on a suitable harddrive?

Would this be a feasible idea with this laptop?

Many Thanks

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