Hard Target


No its not avalible with DTS. Dont have a clue if the Korean one is uncut at a guess i'd say it was the same cut as the R1. I have the uncut which has an excellent DD5.1 soundtrack with plenty of LFE but the picture is not anamorphic. The pic is still excellent though.


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Where is the uncut version available?



I sure hope someone revisits this and releases the uncut version


Guys i got the R2 and always thought that was the uncut version since it was 4 mins longer than the R1. Never knew there was one with even more bloodshed until you guys said.

The European version contains more violence in the opening sequence and throughout the picture. In the final battle several more shots and closeups of gory deaths are added. It runs for about 3 minutes longer than the American R-rating.

The Director's Cut version is 116 minutes long, including about 20 minutes of graphic footage originally removed to avoid an NC-17 rating. Scenes Included in the 116min Directors Cut Include:
Additional dialog at the beginning where Van Cleef tels Lopaki (the guy with the arrows) that he shoots like a buffoon and next time he will charge him double.
The ear cutting scene is intact.
A three minute scene of dialog between Natasha and Chance which takes place in Chance's apartment. She is patching him up after the beating he got while looking for dog tag, he puts the moves on her, she leaves then comes back saying she has changed her mind. A still from this scene appears on the liftout that comes with the American DVD release.
While Fouchon is playing the piano there are several shoots of news or documentary footage showing elephants, deer etc being shot down by hunters. This is probably the most disturbing scene in the film.
Before Fouchon drops the letter opener on the floor at the coroners house he has additional dialog that describes what happens when a hunter dies in Africa.
When Roper dies he is shot then gets up and is then hit with another volley of bullets.
When Chance and Natasha firt meet up with Douvee and Chance jump around and start singing before Chance introduces Natasha.
Most of the deaths in the Mardi Gras Graveyard are longer and juicier (people being shot 30 times instead of 10 etc)
In the directors cut the final fight between Chance and Fouchon (in which Chance utters the line "Hunting Season Is Over") is missing. Instead Chance does the runnup as Fouchon shoots, kicks him into the garbage pile, throws the grenade and Fouchon is blown up.

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