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I am kinda new to this hard drive recording so please be understanding. What I am looking to do is record sky digital programs to a hard drive without any loss of quality. This hard drive can be either my PC hard drive or something like the Pace twin, but I must be able to display the picture on my monitor. and be able to save stills as jpegs/tiffs etc to my pc. What I was thinking was buying the sweetpsot card http://www.pluggedin.tv/sweetspot/ and connecting the sky digi box to this, I thought I could then record to my pc hard drive. But it doesn't let you apparently. So my other thought was buy a pace twin or equivalent and record sky to that (if you can?) and then connecting that to the sweetspot card and then grabbing stills from the pace twin. Is this possible? Or is there a better way of doing it?. I would like to use the sweetspot card in some way, but i also need to be able to view recorded sky digital programs in perfect quality on my PC. Please advise.



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The only practical way to record SKY Digital programming onto a PC is to capture the analogue output and that will always produce a drop in quality. Some people have managed to modify a version 1 SKY+ to give a SDI output which can produce better quality video but it is far cry from the bitstream recording that SKY+ uses internally.
The same goes for the PACE Twin (Which is only for DTT), the transmission is recorded onto the hard drive exactly as it is received so no data loss at all.

If you use a capture card then you take a video/audio feed from the SKY digibox and write it to the hard drive using some form of compression (mpegII, Xvid etc) otherwise the file sizes are enormous but still not perfect quality since it's been converted to analogue by the digibox and then converted/processed by the PC itself.

As for the Sweetpsot card itself it looks quite good when used with DScaler, it will certianly improve any video fed from SKY and then sent to a display. DScaler with a pretty cheap capture card fed with a s-video from a SKY digiboxfeed makes a good job all by itself.

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