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Hard drive raid advice

Nape Dog

Established Member
Evening all.
I am using a mac mini and using the disk utility I have raided my hard drives.
At present I have the following:
3x1tb WD mybooks striped to give one drive. Holds approx 1.3tb of stuff

1x2tb WD mybook backing up the 3tb auto using carbon copy cloner.

I have decided to get another 1tb drive and relegate the 2tb to the subs bench until I actually need it.

So, using disk utility, what is the best way to set up my 4x1tb drives so that they are giving me max storage which is backed up.


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I have decided to get another 1tb drive and relegate the 2tb to the subs bench until I actually need it.

Where Did the 2tb come from in the above sentence?

RAID can never ever ever to be considered a backup on its own. I'd set it up as raid 5 (this way one drive can fail without data loss). You would still need to take a backup of your most valuable data though:)

Nape Dog

Established Member
I have 5 drives in all. 3 x 1tb and 1 x2tb. The 1x2tb holds a backup of everything on the 3x1tb drives. As these hold a total of 1.1tb at present I have more then enough space however I want to only use 4x1tb at preset hence why I have bought another. The 2tb drives will be shelved until I use all space up and I will then but another 2tb to work along side the existing one.

I thought that if I were to set up a mirror raid situation i could use all 1tbs as one big drive with approx 2tb of storage which is a back up of itself and then if a drive fails I can just replace the failed drive. Am I wrong?


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Nape, I find your story hard to follow (could be just me as I'm a non-native speaker).

IF you want your phyiscal 4(?) 1TB hard drives to form one big logical 4 TB hard drive then yes, that is possible. Do realise that the faillure of only 1 of those 4 drives will render your 4 hard drive raid array inoperable (= broken) and you could lose all data stored on the raid array. In other words, there is no redundancy.

But you seem to have taken this into account as you have a external hard drive you use for backups?

Am I right so far?

Some more information so you can decide what you want:

In your post you mention mirroring, which does involve redundancy.Raid 1 is most often associated with this. It includes 2 hard drives with identical information on them. If 1 of them fails, you can rebuild the raid array by replacing the broken hard drive with a new drive, identical (or larger) in size. If the second drive fails and the raid array has not been rebuilt yet, you lose all your data. So raid 1 (mirroring) protects against 1 hard drive faillure. As both drives contain the same info, 2 x 1 TB is effectively only 1 TB. Raid 1 needs 2 drives, no more no less.

Then we have raid 0, striping. It also needs 2 drives exactly. Here you can add up the capacity: 2 x 1 TB will effectively yield 2 TB. If 1 drive fails, you lose all of your data. Raid 0 therefore, does not have redundancy.

All other raid levels are more or less offsprings of the 2 I have explained above. As soon as you want to use more than 2 hard drives (which is what you want), both raid 0 and raid 1 are out of the question.

You may need to look at raid 0 +1 or 1 + 0, or the most popular one, raid 5. Also take a look at JBOD (which is NOT a raid level!).

I assumed you were looking for some redundancy, and I quote "what is the best way to set up my 4x1tb drives so that they are giving me max storage which is backed up. ". Therefore, I advised raid 5 as it will tolerate 1 drive faillure (this is called redundancy)

But if you meant a backup, in the true sense of the word, there is no raid level that can offer you this (unless perhaps if you back up a raid array to another raid array). A good backup is preferably stored somewhere safe and is performed regularly. Just as you feel save (what are the odds that 2 drives fail at the same time?) bam, 2 drives fail. Or worse, lightning strikes and all drives fail:). The latter just to give an example that raid is not a backup.
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