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Question Hard drive or memory issue ?

malc c

Novice Member
Guy's I need some advice as an issue I'm having is driving my up the wall.

My PC is no modern F1 performer, but for an 8 year old machine it still performs well for most applications including video editing. Its based around an AMD FX6100 six core processor running at 3.3Ghz, with 12GB of DDR3 dual channel RAM, and two 500GB hard drives, one for system / applications and the other for files (word docs, images, video etc). I'm running windows 7 professional 64bit on the C drive (Western Digital) which has 288GB free. The data drive is an Hitachi 7200 rpm with 3 partitions, document (48Gb 25GB free), video (244GB, 40Gb free) , and misc (172GB, 103gb free). Two benQ 2420 monitors are drivern by an MSI ATI Radion 7700 2GB graphics card.

A few months ago I purchased a new camcorder, a Panasonic HC-VX870 which I'm pleased with, and although I don't have a 4K TV, having a 4K camcoder will future proof the investment for when I do replace my current TV. The old software I had didn't support the new formats so I went looking for a new application and downloaded Resolve 12.5. I've since found that due to some licencing reasons the audio codec isn't supported so for 1080p MTS files I have to convert the footage. But the end results worked well and I had no issues with playing the converted clips in preview or from the timeline.

To make things easy I purchase Video Pad which is as basic an editor as you can get with a few frills thrown in, and it too played both 1080p and 4K clips from preview and timeline. However I was after something between the two and downloaded the trial version of Movie studio 14, and again things were were running fine with the same test clips. Following a post on alternatives (Question - Editing software ), I downloaded a copy of power director and spent a day playing with that, and again all was fine.

Yesterday, whilst doing some further testing I found the clip would stutter in preview and from the time line in Director. I tried other clips and they all did the same. I opened Resolve and loaded up a small intro arrangement and it too stuttered. Opening the performance monitor in task manager there was nothing obvious like the processors being maxed out, or the RAM being consumed. I even closed all open applications and non-essential services which had no change and the clips stuttered in all three applications.

I bit the bullet and backed up a few files from other applications and then reloaded an image of the C drive taken last week (I use reflect to backup the system and document drives to a 2TB NAS each week). Five hours later the image was restored and I imported the same clips into the same applications and they all stuttered. Thinking it may be hardware related I swapped the SATA connections over on the motherboard, no change.

I then copied over all the files from the camcorder, overwriting the previous copies, and repeated the tests. In VideoPad I managed to play a clip smoothly once it had cached or fully imported the clip which seemed to take around 20 seconds. Again in task manager, whilst the machine is being driven hard, with CPU typically running at 40%-55% with peaks of 80% now and again, its not as if it's maxing out at 100% for any long periods. Interestingly Resolver is more demanding on memory than CPU, where as both Director and Movie Studio use the CPU more then RAM. I also converted a 4K clip and imported that into resolve - which resulted in a very jerky movement of the position indicator and frozen image on the preview window. Each time it's run the hard drive light on the PC is constantly lit with a very fast flicker. Placing it on the timeline and running it does the same, but with randomly updated frames on the monitor.

I've tried running a hardware monitor to see if there is anything that can add to shed light on the program, and that reports the system is fine, and other main stream applications load quickly without issues.

Any suggestions?




Distinguished Member
Well an easy way to test out the theory is get Stablebit DriveScanner for testing the HDD and Memtest86+ to test the RAM.

The drive scanner will take some time and let it only test one drive, it will try to auto scan everything at once and it can be very demanding on a system, I wouldn't leave it installed either after the test is done.

It may say there are certain kinds of faults with the HDD, some more grave than others.

For Memtest leave it run a full pass at least once (it will repeat over and over), if anything red appears on screen you have faulty RAM.

On side note you should probably install LAV filters to solve codec issues though whether the editing software you use allows third party codecs is another matter.

malc c

Novice Member
Well the scan of both drives showed no errors - all blocks in the green - memory test also reported no warnings...


Distinguished Member
My PC is no modern F1 performer, but for an 8 year old machine it still performs well for most applications including video editing. Its based around an AMD FX6100

The FX-6100 was only released in October 2011, so it can't even be six years old yet.

Is there actually an error? It's not clear to me whether the performance has been constant but you found niggles when you looked deeper or whether you have stuttering now where you didn't have it before.

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