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Hard drive Imaging Software?


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Could anyone advise which software is best for creating an image of my harddrive so that I can move my system software onto a larger hard drive?



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I use Acronis TrueImage if I want to backup and omit some files. For a total backup I boot into DOS and use the DOS version of Ghost 2003.


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Check on the website of your new HDU manafacturer as most HDU makers have a free downloadable app designed for exactly this function.

Maxblast for instance is Maxtor's own free one.


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Another vote for Acronis True Image, it succeeded where others failed, such as driveimage pro, ghost, etc


ghost 2003, rather than ghost 9 or 10, the later versions. you get ghost 2003 if you buy 9 or 10

if say you have a 40gig hd with xp and you want to remove that HD and put in a 300gig drive and copy your xp install, programs data etc over to the bigger new drive so that new drive boots up and shows as 1 big 300gig partition, then ghost 2003 is the best way to do it as you can set the options through windows easily, the pc reboots into a dos mode, copies the files and boots back into windows (although a tip is to stop the pc from booting back up if you have both drives attached at the same time - you can google up ghost guides that will explain it better - if the pc sees two drives with the same ID it will change the ID on one and then you might have problems booting) - you can also use the ghost DOS version, which you just boot from the disc and run farily easily too

with ghost 9 and 10 it copies the drives whilst xp is still running, and you can have issues that way. i tried 3 or 4 times recently as i had a 40gig and 120gig drive in the pc, plus cdrom and dvd burner. i wanted to upgrade the 40gig, but wasnt enough IDE channels to allow the extra drive, so ghosted the 40gig to another 120gig drive. with ghost 9 and 10 doing it on the fly it just wouldnt work at all, but with ghost 2003 it worked first time

ghost is one of the most popular packages, i've used it over the years and it certainly works. i don't know about the other packages mentioned though


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I liked Ghost up to and including the 2003 version, then they bought Drive Image and merged it in and lost the DOS bootable version which I liked. I always felt nervous about the 'on the fly' backup feature.

I switched to Acronis at work and really like it, I plan changing to that at home too.


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I too have just switched (i.e. last night) from Norton Ghost to True Image after the later versions of Ghost have changed for what I see as the worst. True Image gets a big thumbs up from me, especially as you can download a free 15 day trial to see how you get on with it.

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