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Jan 19, 2009
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Anyone know any decent free programs that will tell you the state of you hard drive. I think mines is on its last legs which would be disastrous so I would be keen to know so I can start making backups.
Most hard drive manufacturers have free diagnostic software that you can test the drives with.
Initially sounding a bit slightly left-field but Speedfan will sort you out.
It monitors hard drive health & status + all your other system temps all in one package.
Thanks for your suggestions guys, HDDLife was very vague and no help unfortunately and the diagnostics tool was useless!

Drive is running at 45 degrees, not sure if that is good or bad. I am actually really worried about this because my brand new pc is grinding to a halt in windows for up to 3-4 seconds while something searches. I have a SSD for my primary drive but this 1tb drive has most of my data on.

Think I may have to run out and buy a new one at this rate.
have you tried hdtune?

HD Tune

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