Hard Drive - data recovery/filing format?



I've a problem and having looked through the forums I have seen several similar threads and questions - many of which are a year or two old -so I'm holping there may have been advances that I can't find and need to know about.

sorry if it's the wrong place for this.

My panasonic dmr-hs2 has started going through all the usual stuff - shutdown/recovery/read some discs/not others/won't write to disc etc.
I've given up on it - I think that it looks like they are just prone to this stuff and would have serious reservations about buying one againf.

anyway - the trouble is I had copied the video of the first few months of my grandchilds life onto the drive and was going to burn it off (before the trouble started). now it's on there - it's the only copy and I can't get it off!

Has any body discovered a way to recover data from a reomoved HD - or has anybody found out how the drive/data is formatted on the disc.




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:hiya: This happens if the laser lens needs cleaning,if you have not already done so,try one of the dvd laser cleaning disks.,there are several different brands.


thanks for getting back to me. I tried cleaning the head etc but it didn't work. I think the drive might have packed up.

I just need to know if the hard drive can be read or recovered any other way.

thanks again



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try hooking it up to a PC and see if the PC recognises it at all...

if it does then you might be lucky enough to find files that are conventional video files, i wouldnt get my hopes up though...

only other option might be to check with Pana if there is any way they can lift or transfer the video to optical disc in their repair centre......if you ask nicely you'll be surprised sometimes how companies can be helpful...


Rickardo - Sorry am a bit confused here can you not playback the hard drive material to an external device (TV, PC, VCR or another DVDR)? Surely it doesn't have to be recorded on the built in DVD rewriter.

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