Hard Drive Always On?


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i have a ps3 250gb slim model, bought it early this year. thing is when ever its plugged in and on standby the green harddrive light stays on and i can hear the HDD whirring.

is this normal?




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I would say more like impossible.
The hard drive access light, is the left most light on the front of the slim, and it flashes yellow/orange when accessing the hard drive, the other light, to the right of it, is the WLAN light, thats either solid green, or flashing.


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mine used to have a solid light lit when on standby when I had remote play active.


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ah that be it, my remote play is active

cheers folks

you right tho, its a green light that on so must be WLAN, ps3 is defiantely whirring tho, thats the issue as its annoying when i'm trying to drift off to the land of nod

cheers for the answer!


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