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Hello guys,

Firstly, excuse me for any language mistakes as I am not a native speaker. Wanted to post here as I am facing a tough decision choosing between floorstanding speakers Dali Zensor 5 and 7. Have read all the threads in forums found in Google but still cannot decide.
I am starting with the fact that one year ago I had both models in my apartment for a couple of days /could not attempt to wait for the burning in of the speakers to happen/. With the 5 I went with the impression that it's a little bass and volume/spaciness lacking and the 7 too overwhelming for my room. Long story short, I have now purchased the 5 and they are connected to a Pioneer A-10-K amplifier /2 x 50 Watt (20-20.000 Hz, 4 Ohm)/. As in the country where I am from there is a 14-day period during which I can return them or exchange for another model, I am now relying on the burning in period of the speakers and awaiting if the sound will become more fuller. As that's not much time, it is difficult to make the decision if I should return them and get the 7s /which I suppose will have to turn the bass down if I want them to sound a little smaller/.
They are placed in an open floor plan /kitchen and living room in one/ which is about 33 sq meters. The listening area is about half that /around 15-16 sq meters/ and the speakers are set on the right side of the long wall /the living room/ in a triangle with the listening position /the listener is around 3 meters from them/.
For movies I feel they are ok but with the music I am not so sure /I will mostly use them for music/ and always wondering if I am missing something. The amp was bought new and at the moment I can't stretch my budget for a more powerful one. Music is played mostly by Spotify and You Tube via smart TV and AUX port of the amp /so I am not that much into audiophile quality even if I sometimes want a great sound/.
Should I really rely on the burning in period or I should make the decision to get the 7s? There are not many of the commercial brands in my country /such as B&W, Klipsch and so on/ so I have really wanted to stop on Dali and their Zensor serie.
Can I add a sub to the 5s and connect it to the stereo amp? Will it be better sounding than Zensor 7 alone?
Thanks in advance for your advises!
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It's quite possible you just don't like the Dali signature sound, or it could be the Dali don't match very well with the Pioneer. I'd say try the 7s to be sure though. I wouldn't be overly concerned with speaker burn in hours. It's debatable if it makes that much difference. Some say it does, while others say playing a few songs is more then enough to loosen up the mechanical parts of a driver.

One thing to note - The Zensor 5 are 6ohm, so you won't be getting 50w per channel. Also at 88db sensitivity they're not an 'easy' load.

The Zensor 7 are also 6ohm, but 90db sensitivity. So slightly easier to drive.
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Thanks for the answer. I have a couple of days left to decide so I am wondering if a subwoofer can be added to this system /connected to the stereo amp/ and which are the cheapest acceptable models/brands?
Your advice is really appreciated :)


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There is no option for a sub on that amp. I think you're able to connect the sub to the second pair of speaker terminals, but I'm not entirely sure.

For the sub - Gemini

That's what I'd buy on a budget. Though your location might make that difficult. Dali male a few subs to go with their home cinema systems, so that is probably your best bet.


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You could also sell the pioneer. It’s a bit feeble if I remember.

(It’s not an amp I would choose except for very cheap bookshelf speakers in a much smaller listening space.)...

And then buy these instead.

DALI ZENSOR 5 AX - Nothing but pure uncomplicated enjoyment

They have a sub output should you wish to add one at a later date.

Alternatively, should you not fancy the 5AX, then I’d suggest a more serious used amplifier.

Something like one of the Nad BEEs perhaps.

They carry enough current to make a much better speaker driver. The Dalis will not faze them.

But almost any second hand amp that was once around the £400 plus mark will be a hugely superior amplifier to the Pioneer.
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Thank you Paul! Do you mean that with a more powerful amp the Dali's soundstage will open more and they will sound bigger and not so thin? Or if they will just sound better quality?


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I wouldn't be overly concerned with speaker burn in hours. It's debatable if it makes that much difference.

I do find some speakers tend to get a little more dynamic in the bass after a week or two (depending on how much use they use of course) which may translate into more extended or fuller bass, but not necessarily a huge difference.

You may get more difference from just fiddling with the positioning of the speakers relative to walls.

With lower impedance floorstanders (I think those are 6R?) then I think you do need a good amp and adequate cables (especially if forced into longer speaker cable runs) to the point I often prefer a higher tier amp driving mid/lower tier speakers than an mid/lower tier amp driving higher tier speakers.

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