Hard Cuckoo


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Possibly not quite worth a whole thread, but I had to do it...

anyone seen the Irn-Bru 32 advert with the bloke in the big bird suit?

everytime i see it and he delivers the last line of 'Cuuuckooo' in a hard man voice with his hands doing the bring it on gesture i just crease up :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

most adverts suck and i + thru them....this one tho i stop for....sheer class :clap:

rather than the thread having nothing but this, anyone got any favourite advert that seriously cracks them up?


Saw an advert at the pics at the weekend,some sort of soft drink add,This guy was pushing a shopping trolley up some steep steps,He had a basket ball in the trolley,

Got to the top,and hooked up the shopping trolley to use as a hoop,that was a good idea...anyway,He had a shot,got the "hoop"....Then watched as the ball bounced down the steps.....
Thought that was funny:D

Can't remember the soft drink.....So,the add worked then....:D

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