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I got some great new speakers..
HarbottleAudio C7 bookshelf speakers.

I heard about them from Cody when he was calibrating (Remote Tunig) my 2 Funk Audio 21.0L subwoofers and we started to talk about them.
And i already then had toughts about geting bookshelf speakers instead of my SVS Ultra Towers.

They came well packaged in a wooden
box, really good protected.

At first look, I thought just WOW!! They looked incredible in real life. They looked good in the pictures but in real life they looked really really good.
I just love the carbon fiber look and the shape of them, it fits my movie room just great.
Build quality on them is no joke, everything just screams quality and the bindings are top notch.

I have a Arcam AVR550 reciver with a NAD M25 power amp 7×160 that I have them hooked up with .
My first impressions from just listning on the C7 without the subs using a high pass filter set at 27hz so I dont deload the speakers.
Pritty impresive that they go down so low.

I listen to some diffrent music

Imagine dragons - bad liar
Blondfire - waves
Lindsey Stirling - Cristallize
Rage against the machine - Renegade of funk
Amaranthe - Hunger
VNV Nation - Nova
Iron Maiden - Days of future past
Alanis Morissette - King of pain Live
Glass animals - Heat waves
You and your friend --Dire Straits

Just some of the songs i listen to.

And the sound quality these speakers builds up is a big soundstage with great detail and tight hitting bas for a bookshelf speaker.
And wow i dont miss my SVS speakers at al they put up a really big soundstage for being bookshelf speakers.
It feels like im in a bubble sitting and listen on my music..
My family and specielly my 2 Boys 10 and 12 asked why I bought so small speakers after that I sold my svs ultra towers.
But they changed there mind after listning on them and said they sound bigger then they look and I could ceep them..😅

I hade a music night with the wife and she chose the music.
Alot Michael Jackson but also some old techno that she like and wyclef Jean and Whitney Houston.
I Dont now but I think she liked the sound and music from the C7 becouse the volume whent up more and more..😅
And MJ sounded realy Great on the C7 the details and mixes MJ have in his music and tougheter with the C7 was a perfect match.
Alot of the music i hade never heard with the C7 but feels like they suit a big different of music styles.

"Some thougts from the wife"

"For being so small, I think they have a great sound.

I started with a fairly low volume but soon noticed that I could easily increase the volume without it being difficult for the ears in any way.

the sound was very clear and you could clearly hear all the little details in the song.

have to say that I am positively supriced by the sound of these speakers.

I also like the look of theme and that they are quite small comparing to the speakers we had before 👍"
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In my rather small room I think the C7 bookshelves speaker fits much better then the SVS Ultra Towers.
My room definitely don’t need bigger speakers.
They deliver a really nice big sound, very detail without sounding sharp in anyway.

I have hade klipsch speakers befor but those i did not like at al because i think they sound sharp for my taste.
One thing I really like is when playing in low volume the sound is still big and I don’t need to crank them up but no problem playing them hard, i give up befor they do.

But of course when i have them put togheter with my subs it becomes a great combo and the sound takes another level of feeling BIG.

The tweeter on them are sitting a little on the side on these ones over the driver and I tested to have the tweeter on the outside.
I tried them on the inside instead after talking with Cody and the sound in my room anyway was better that way. Probloby because of the reflections on the side walls.

I have a small room and a big screen so need to have the speakers quite close to the wall.
Im waiting on the matching center speaker Cody is building to me now also, so quite excited about that

Cody is going to help me to recalibrate the subbs (Remote Tune) after il get the center speaker, so exited about that also.
It was realy fun to se him work with the remote tune and do his magic but need a new one now of course.
I can realy se that he nows what he is doing when he works with the remote tune. And get the subs to work the best suited for my room.
When im looking and hearing the C7 speakers i se he have realy gone for every detail built in to this speakers. And he says its Hes wife's Caitlyns speaker idé pritty cool and nice work..
I can absolutley recomend the HarbottleAudio C7 bookshelf speakers and HarbottleAudio as a company cody is a realy Great guy to work with.

My thoughts and little review on these speakers and of HarbottleAudio.


C7 | Harbottle Audio

Carbon Series bookshelf monitor.These are made to order, however we have a set of Left and Right tweeter biased units in stock and ready for crossover construction. The Carbon Series is the result of over 6 years of design and development with the express purpose of being the best speaker aimed...

Remote Tune | Harbottle Audio

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