Happy Wars (TBC - 2012)



This is being billed as an MMO. I wouldn't really call it that, although it does support 15 Vs. 15 online matches. It looks like it could be really good!

There's lots of info about it on the official site here: -


Trailer: -



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Looks awsome, reminds me of dungeon defenders alot which is my kind of game.


Has anyone tried the beta of this? It's available to anyone that's currently in the dashboard beta. It's really good!


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This is out now.

I've played the tutorial and a couple of games online. Seems good so far - well polished, easy to pick up but plenty of options and variables.

The micro transactions aren't in your face and it seems you can make good progress without spending any money (albeit a bit slower).

Worth checking out (and all the achievements are linked to the game, not the micro transactions, so 400 free GS for those interested!)


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Looks a bit like Fat Princess (which my son likes, but I've never gotten around to playing).


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enjoyed the knights tutorial so far .. i distraced the enemies and ran to their home fortress so my coop players had enough time to destroy their towers :rotfl: first 10G :cool:



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