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Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by FaxFan2002, Nov 15, 2004.

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    Just thought I'd share my initial experiences been a new sky customer.

    Had the dish installed within a few days. No viewing cards or contract turned up. After approx 10 days I called and asked for a replacement cards for the non delivered ones. Got a card the next day, then called and got a the 2nd card delivered (sky+ multiroom). Customer service is good (better than NTL).

    Now it's all installed and working - replacing NTL. A few observations...

    SKY+ to plasma (PW6)

    The TV guide works!!! The NTL guide is rubbish, hardly ever works properly.

    The PQ is outstanding (converting to component) - including football, rugby etc. No issues even though it is a amstrad box

    Recording feature works and does what it says on the box - simple (and therefore brilliant).

    And now SKY movies in Dolby Digital... very very good.

    SKY to LCD (Panasonic TX15LT1)

    Hmmm.. not so good on PQ or the actual quality of the box and remote. But it works a lot better than NTL and I'm happy, no, very happy.

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