Happy Christmas AVForumites.


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This is definitely too early!! :D
Can you have a word with my SIL please? Starting January 25th, she starts counting down the months until Xmas, and then around the end of June she goes into total overdrive. I'm just glad I don't have Facebook, because having to see all her threads about Xmas would make me even more cynical about it than I already am (the last time I had an Xmas buzz was when I was 11, and then I realised it was just a money making exercise and gave up). If people can only look forward to one day a year then they need to get out more.

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I started my Christmas shopping already! I’m really looking forward to Christmas, I love it. The one time of the year that I don’t feel guilty about gorging on cheeses and desserts. Last year was a little bit sad as we couldn’t really see anyone or go to Christmas markets, but I still loved decorating and doing the Christmas snacks and dinner.


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With last year being an non-event, i reckon a lot of people are going to go overboard this Christmas.

hi robb

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I’m pleased to say that I’ve got my Christmas tree up!

Still in the loft where it fecking should be…


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I'm hoping to have a better Christmas this year then last. I had a biopsy on my tongue on the 23rd and had problems eating etc. Nothing planned for my mouth this year so I should be able to enjoy my Christmas Dinner :clap:


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Damnit, ive just woken up and wondering how long I was asleep for seeing this pop up.

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It started on 31st October last year, generally it's a bit later.

I didn't realise it was that early last year! I would have said it was mid/ late November if asked - maybe that's when it usually is.


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Christmas day is just another day for me.
I was thinking Christmas Day is not quite just another day as there is far more tripe on TV to wade through in the vain hope of finding something you haven't seen many times before.

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